Today we had fun voting for President of the United States!  

Yay for a day out of the classroom!  We had a wonderful day at Todd Family Fun Farm in Yorkville.  The kids were awesome!  We got several compliments on our manners and how nice we behaved!  
We had a super day going through the mazes, playing on the BIG slides, seeing the animals, and going on a hayride.

Thursday, we will leave at 8:05 to go to Todd Farms in Yorkville.  Friday, we will celebrate the 50th day of school!  Dress like the 1950s!
Any time between 9:30-12:00
Students may be checked out by their grandparents, and they will NOT be counted absent.
Well, we have spent one full week together, and it was a good one!  We are working hard learning the rules and routines.  We are also having fun getting to know each other.  We have had a blast playing on the "big" playground, eating ice cream, and getting chain links (which by the way is half way down...Yay!).  We are working on writing our names and learning to read new words.  
I'm sure the kids are as tired as I am this week because most of them have been falling asleep at nap time !
Friday we worked on learning how to log on to Lexia and how to enter our usernames and passwords.  Lexia is a computer program that reinforces reading skills and phonemic awareness.  The first level has four parts:  rhyming, beginning/ending sounds, segmenting words, and blending sounds.  
Our kindergarten classes are blessed with technology, and we each have laptops for every student!
Be sure to check back for regular updates and pictures! 
Click the picture for a link to 10 great iphone apps for your little one!  :)

Fine motor skills are very important as pre-writing skills.  Children need practice developing the "pincer grip" before learning how to hold a pencil.  Check this site out for some great ways to practice.
Other skills that your child can practice before coming to kindergarten are:
buttoning and zipping their own clothes and tying their shoes.

Olympic day....playing duck, duck, goose!
We are having sooo much fun in our room with our new "smart board"!  It has been great to use with our calendar notebooks during circle time!