Through my research on the four topics copyright laws, software piracy, software purchasing agreement, and Acceptable Use Policy, I was particularly interested in the subject of copyright laws.  I really was not that familiar with the details of a copyright.  I have learned that any work is automatically copyrighted as soon as it is created and tangible.  I have also discovered that a person must actually register a work with the copyright office in order to be protected legally.  Through the eyes of a teacher, I have never really thought about resources that I may use in my instruction being protected by copyright laws.  It was very surprising to me to learn that a movie cannot be shown for entertainment purposes, but can shown for instructional uses. (The copy of the movie must be a lawful copy.) There is an area called fairuse that allows a portion of a work to be used.  The word portion is not defined and how much of something that can be fairly used would depend on the circumstances.
Just to stay on the safe side, it is always best to get permission from the copyright owner before using their work.  

09/19/2009 07:07

Good stuff! In my research I missed the part about showing movies for educational purposes only. I have a feeling there are lots of us that don't always do that. Good job on the slide.


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