Thanks to Dr. Grant for coming to speak to our class Saturday.  It was a very informative session on Google Docs.  Google Docs are brand new to me.  In a nut shell, Google Docs are FREE programs offered through Google that allow you to make spreadsheets, documents, forms, etc.  All you have to do is set up a free account.  The programs seem to be very user-friendly!  The really cool part is you can "invite" other people who are also signed up to work with you on a project at the same time.  It all happens instantaneously in live time. 

     Dr. Grant showed us how we can use Google Docs in the classroom. A teacher can create a quiz or a chart, and the students can insert their information online immediately for the teacher to view---VERY COOL! As one of my projects, I have created a reflection form.  

     The reflection form is a follow-up for the alphabet trail that I created through Trailfire.  My students are not yet reading, but they would be able to answer and reflect with the guidance of an adult.  I have set up five questions on the form. When the answers are entered in, they automatically go into a spreadsheet for me to view.  Feel free to try out my ABC reflection form on the "Quiz" page!


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