Do I like voicethread?  Yes, I do!  You may be wondering what is voicethread?  Only a week ago I was, too!!  Voicethread is a 2.0 tool on the Web that allows a person to upload pictures and then record their voice to correspond with the picture.  It is so much fun to explore!  The options of how one could use this site are endless!  Today I watched a voicethread of a little girl getting a haircut.  She described in the cutest ways about each stage of her haircut.  Very cute!  
I have been assigned to make my own voicethread as part of an educational technology class that I am taking.  The assignment is to take sequential pictures of a lesson that I would teach at school and then describe, using voicethread, what is taking place in each picture.  This type of voicethread could be beneficial for three main reasons:
1.  If a student is absent, he or she could watch the voicethread and catch up on what he/she missed while out.
2.  If a student is behind, he/she could use the voice thread as a reinforcement.
3.  A parent could watch the voicethread to know how to help their child at home.
I have enjoying learning about the voicethread process.  It has been fun to browse and see what other people are doing.  Actually making my own was a fun experience as well.  I did encounter some bumps along the way.  It took my computer a while to upload each picture to the site.  I also had some technical difficulties with taking the pictures.  Using voicethread itself was fairly simple.  I would like to try it again for personal and professional use.  I think it would be neat to have my students illustrate pictures and then tell about them on voicethread.  The parents would love seeing and hearing their child's work.
The voicethread that I have made this time is to give an example of how to blend together a word.  It seems like a pretty simple skill, but a very important skill if you are five and learning how to read.  I hope you enjoy my voicethread!

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